How Is This Test Different From Your Typical Blood Work?

Your typical blood work from your doctor is designed to detect any immediate problems and diseases currently in your body.  You go to the lab. You get your blood taken out. And you get the results back in a few days.  Your doctor may say you are "fine" at best. Worst case scenario, he or she will point out that there is something "wrong". 

Those tests only measure what is in liquid in your blood and NOT what is in the cells in your body. 

This test takes 3.5 weeks for results because they have a patented process of testing what is going on INSIDE YOUR CELLS. It will measure the 6 month average of ALL NUTRIENTS from A-Z in your cells. 

This test is not just designed to detect pathology, it is designed to measure you current level of health so you can maximize it. 

Why Measure?

On average there are 3000+ chemicals in your blood that do not belong there! Yes 3000... 

By making sure you have all the nutrients you need to fight disease and to eliminate these chemicals, you will feel better and decrease your chance for many diseases. 

The results will actually tell you how well you can currently defend against disease (Your Anti-Oxidant Score) so you can see if you need to eat foods higher in anti-oxidants!

Supplement Correctly 

With scientific data on EXACTLY what your body is missing, you can accurately take the right supplements with the right dosages you need. 

Without this information you can be taking excessive and toxic amounts of nutrients. It's like adding additional ingredients to a recipie without taste testing to see how it currently tastes!

The results will tell you exactly what and how much to add for optimal health and energy levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens after I order the testing kit?

We will help you arrange to have your blood drawn by the nearest professional in your area.  Once you receive your kit in the mail, you can go to that person or facility to have your blood sample taken.  

Then you put the kit into the envelope included in the kit and call Fed Ex to pick it up that day ASAP. 


2. How long will the result take?

After you send in your kit, it will take 3.5 weeks for the lab to analyze your blood.  They have a patented process of testing your cells and it takes time. 


3. Once I get the results what happens then?

You get a comprehensive packet that will tell you exactly how much of each vitamin and mineral you have relative to averages. For example you may be in 10th percentile on vitamin A and 90th percentile on Vitamin C.  From that information you will be given recommendations on food or supplements to consume to increase your low numbers.  
You will also get your Anti-Oxidant score from 0-100. The science shows that you want to be above 75 to maximize your body's ability to fight disease. If it's lower than 75, you should then either take anti-oxidants or eat foods higher in anti-oxidant foods. This informatino will be provided to you. 

4. Does the lab take insurance?

YES. If you have insurance you will have the opportunity to enter it in the order form.  You would then select the lower pricing indicated on the order form for people with insurance coverage. 


5. What effects can I feel from the test?

The first thing you will feel is an increase in energy levels. 

Depending on what is low, you may also experience increases in ability to recall information and to remember information (as many of the memory nutrients like choline are measured)

You may feel a normalization in appetite and avoid excessive hungar or cravings since those symptoms are your body's way to get you to eat foods with nutrients it is missing. When you know exactly what is missing, you can supplement with those nutrients and avoid the cravings. 

While it's not somethings you will "feel", your immune system will work more effectively. If you work hard, feel a bit busy, and typically eat the same foods week in and week out then there is a high chance you have some serious deficiencies.  By improving them your body will be able to support its immune system more effectively.